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RFID & Events

Event tickets & Entry tickets


Cinema, Theatre or Sport – tickets are needed everywhere there is paid entry, and particularly at big name venues, such as Sporting events, Exhibitions and Concerts, they facilitate visitor/ audience management and control. This also applies to leisure parks and stadia – here it’s also hard to imagine life without high-quality admission tickets.


Our RFID Event Tickets can be produced as individual, leporello or roll tickets. We can accurately colour match corporate company colours and can print up to eight colours in any combination. Special die cutting, perforation, numbering and encoding are all possible.


The material combinations range from normal cardboard, thermal cardboard and special foils through to tickets with ‘buffer materials’ that hide the chip. As in the public transport sector, HF chips are once again used. Common RFID chips include Mifare Ultralight®, Mifare Ultralight C® and Mifare 1K with a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

Areas of usage


◾ Sports events

◾ Exhibitions

◾ Theme parks

◾ Concert

◾ Theater

◾ Cinema