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RFID & Parking

Tickets, tags, labels & PVC cards


Our RFID solutions are inexpensive to purchase and due to contactless, secure and fast data transfer they offer comfort and time saving while parking. On the one hand material and disposal costs can be reduced by the use of paper-based tickets, windshield-labels, plastic cards or tags and maintenance cost on the other hand.

Especially the RFID windshield label offers various advantages in comparison to conventional parking solutions. It ensures an efficient and safe access control and is simply attached on the windshield of the car. Using passive UHF technology a reach of 5 meters can be achieved without any additional batteries. The windshield label is made of durable PVC materials and is therefore permanently temperature- and UV resistant.


We offer a wide range of different sizes, special safety features and custom-made production.

Areas of usage


◾ Rental car surveillance

◾ Carsharing

◾ Access to parking areas

◾ VIP parking

◾ Company parking