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RFID & Public Transport

Transit tickets, Ferry tickets & Toll tickets
Going by train or ferry, driving with rental cars - our traffic system is connecting a variety of different options. Forgery-safe tickets are very useful in public transport, which includes ferries or trains and toll stations. As vending machines are often provided, the requirements to the functionality of printing products are particularly high.

Our RFID tickets are ISO standardized and can be manufactured according to specific range of use as single, fan-fold tickets or on rolls. They offer high capability of resistance for frequent use and can be supplied with special safety features: e.g. press-cut, perforations and embossing or numbering, holograms and encodings.

The tickets can be printed with up to eight colors as well as safety colors. The material ranges from non-thermal and thermal cardboard to special foils and material where the chip is not visible. Common RFID chips for public transport are Mifare Ultralight® and Mifare Ultralight C®.

Areas of usage


◾ Train

◾ Bus

◾ Toll collect

◾ Ferry

◾ Subway