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Why RFIDentic

From printing to printing intelligence


In general, we cannot deny that paper has done a great job and will continue to do a great job as a carrier for information. The history of Nagels shows that paper being the base for magnetic stripes, barcodes and several security features has been of substantial need for numerous applications. However, as technology develops further, paper products such as tickets also do.


Thanks to the strong partnership with one of the best Smart Card suppliers in the UK, our production lines for RFID ticketing show how the scope of paper tickets can be developed further to now store and progress even the most complex data formats.


Paper tickets containing a transponder (Chip and antenna) combine the characteristics of barcode and magnetic stripe ticket and surpass the advantages of both systems by adding the characteristics of a Smart Card – the result is a paper ticket that does not need a visual contact for the transmission of data. Objects can be identified easily without people being involved and people can get access to areas without any action involved.


No matter if you want to complement, accompany or substitute the existing schemes, paper containing RFID may be the right way to have a high volume but low budget solution.