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RFID Smartcards

RFIDentic supplies a wide range contactless smartcards featuring IC technologies from our main supply partners and market leaders: Infineon Technologies, NXP Semiconductors and STMicroelectronics. We supply clean cards free of any deleterious waste, anti-static treated, shrink wrapped in 100’s and packed in trays containing 500 cards.


Our cards can be supplied as blank whites or pre-printed on gloss finished PVC. We also provide a print personalisation and encoding service as well as automated fulfilment and mailing services and to support bulk issuance and steady state churn from a single card to over 500,000 cards per week during peak periods.


Further, we work to ensure that 100% of cards we supply are functional at the point of encoding. Once issued, our cards will be expected to have a life of not less than 5 years in normal use. When deployed for use by the public typical card failure rates are low, being around 0.5% of the card population per annum for cards under 5 years old.



◾ Time control

◾ Access control

◾ ID function

◾ Payment function

Samples RFID Smartcards

Smartcard - Types


◾ Standard cards (e. g. customer cards)

◾ Magnetic cards (e. g. cards with payment function, loyalty cards)

◾ Barcode cards (e.g. admission cards)

◾ Access cards, membership cards (with personal photos)

◾ Blank cards (white or single-coloured)