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RFID Tickets

Our RFID tickets are used extensively in Mass Transit applications and also in the Leisure Industry for access to Stadiums, Theme Parks, Concerts and Festivals. In addition we can incorporate electronic purses for purchasing food, refreshments, parking and low value items such as magazines, newspapers and merchandise.


Different technologies can offer combined solutions. Using barcode printing with RFID is one possibility, but there are many ways to link intelligent administrative solutions by linking data of different applications.


There are several combinations of materials possible: paper cardboard, thermal cardboard or of synthetic materials on request. Additionally, it is possible to use a specific sandwich construction (paper with PET foil inside) to make the tickets more durable. Please ask us about our recommendation concerning low-cost, waterproofen or non-tireable tickets.


We can combine High Frequency RFID technology with longer distance reading featuring Ultra High Frequency RFID technology for movement monitoring to provide a complete data picture for our clients. Our RFID tickets can be delivered fanfolded, on rolls or as single cuts and are available with a large number of different chips to meet the existing market requirements. The dimension of one ticket is compliant to ISO 7810 and to ISO/IEC 7501 TD-1.

Physical characteristics


Materials specially adapted for machine issuing and challenging climatic conditions. Compatible with POS direct thermal or retransfer printers and Automated Ticketing Machines.


◾ Format: ID1 - ISO IEC 7810

◾ Total Thickness: From 300 to 450µm

◾ Packaging: Single cut, fanfolded, booklets and endless roll stocks




◾ Graphic personalization on both sides

◾ Special punching

◾ OCR marking

◾ Barcodes

◾ QR codes

◾ Data matching

◾ Initialization and chip encoding utilizing SAMs



◾ Frequency                13,56 MHz

◾ Data transfer            106 Kbits/s

◾ RF interface              ISO 14443 A/B

◾ Compatibility            NXP MIFARE®, Calypso

◾ Memory                    read only or read/write

◾ EEPROM                    From 176 bit to 1024 byte

◾ Unique S/N               7 byte UID

◾ OTP area                   Yes

◾ Anti-collision            Yes

◾ Transaction time       Less than 100 ms

◾ Reading distance       Up to 100 mm

◾ Endurance                 10.000 or 100.000 cycles

◾ Data retention           5 or 10 years

Integrated circuit


NXP MIFARE Ultralight® & Ultralight C®,

   MIFARE® mini, MIFARE Classic® 1K

◾ ST Microelectronics SRI 512, SRT512

◾ Oter ICs available on request