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RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands combine RFID technology with straightforward application and good looking design. Without being too heavy on your arm, the wristband allows stable functionality of the RFID technology. In addition, the durable and water-resistant PVC material permits its usage for multiple applications, even festivals and sport events. Once the wristband is closed, it can only be opened by cutting it off. Thus it is dedicated for single usage.


For your convenience, we can offer personalization services for the front side of the product. You can choose between individual colors, designs, names and numbers.


Available with all common IC types and made of either Sicone or thin soft PVC. Please ask us for more details.



◾ Wristbands for patient identification in hospitals to record medication dispensing and security

◾ In children’s nurseries to trigger alarms at exit points and for checking children in & out of the facility

◾ At a range of leisure venues that include Clubs, Concerts, Stadiums, Festivals and Theme Parks where the wristbands are used for managing:


- Access control at events

- Containing electronic purses for fast payment

- Anti pass-back systems

- Age/height control on rides in theme parks

- Quick retrieval and payment for theme park photographs

- Retail age control for alcohol/cigarette sales

- Health and safety zone monitoring in the event of fire or disaster

- Premium access for fast-track entry, backstage and chill-out lounges


◾ Dimensions: 290 x 27mm

◾ Material: White soft PVC with PVC closure

◾ Application temperature: -25°C to +65°C


◾ Inkjet printed serial number or UID number

◾ Printed logo (up to 4 colour CMYK)

◾ Coloured band by offset print process for all CMYK values

Available 13.56MHz systems

IC Type


Ultralight® / C


Classic® 1K / 4K

NXP I-Code




64 bytes


256 / 1024 bytes


1024 bytes



14443A (1-3)